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Deep investor network

Angel investors and venture capitalists invest alongside , family and tribes of supportersfriends.

Real investment

Anyone can invest as much as they like into businesses they choose in exchange for full voting shares.


Special Notice to Persons Located Within the United States of America.

We're not just introducers. Our team handles all documentation, admin and payment for both investors and businesses.

Investor protection

Receive professional-grade protections through our unified nominee structure - so you can share in success.

Cross border

Our community is truly global, with active investors and entrepreneurs from 48 countries.

How it Works

On the other hand, Apply

Create your campaign by given details about your company and how much you're looking to raise.

On the other hand, Prepare

Simply provide your corporate and investment documents to launch your raise.Control access to sensitive documents, product samples, and communications

On the other hand, Raise

Use our online tools to find and communicate with the best prospects for your company.We'll manage the closing process, including funding and transfers.